I support CEOs and key decision-makers to provide new perspectives, insights and strategies to address complex challenges and achieve paradigm shifts in thinking, behaviour and performance that grow value for their organisations and stakeholders.

Ideally, problems relating to under-performance benefit from early intervention. In reality this seldom happens until the issue hits the organisation in an openly dysfunctional way.

Increasing the value of its human capital is a key game-changer toward an organisation achieving its goals. I specialise in short-term, solution-focused interventions to transform performance of human capital (HC):

  • Equip the organisation to attract and retain key people
  • Develop talent through training, coaching and mentoring to be the difference that will make the difference in the organisation
  • Provide solutions when the business has run out of ideas about how to get an individual or team back on track and contributing. This includes assessment of the benefit of investing in retaining knowledge and know-how against the cost of re-hiring and possible high cost of parting company
  • Mediation, where relationships have broken down, is often a much more effective move for the organisation which bypasses the need for arbitration [link]
  • Identify and reduce stressors within the organisation through interventions to deal with them before they damage productivity too much and lead to long term absence. Stressors could be all sorts of things: for example, poor leadership, teams not pulling well together, things which affect people performance.

I’ve developed a career advising a wide variety of types and sizes of business to identify and release blockages that are holding back performance: working with the Board and Executives, and providing guidance to the rest of the organisation around HC factors which improve productivity. This includes support and coaching for managers and teams.

I use line management and change management experience to identify where problems originate, and a depth of clinical expertise and understanding of how human psychology can block people’s performance, and with the skills to support them through difficult periods of transition to get back on track.

For an initial conversation to discuss your needs contact me on:

Phone: 07771 995509

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