I’m a BACP accredited counsellor. I offer counselling and art therapy to adults and young people, and play therapy for children. I practice from private rooms in Knebworth, Hertfordshire. I work integratively – this means I can draw on a range of theoretical approaches and tools to support my work with clients appropriately. These include CBT, NLP, psychodynamic, gestalt, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing).

As a counsellor, my part in your journey is first of all to help you make sense of what you are experiencing right now, so you can understand more about why you are feeling the way you do. From there we can explore how you might want it to be different and work towards achieving those goals so you can live life more fully and freely, in the present, and with more choice about how to be in the world.

I work with couples and families as well as with individuals.

My practice has a particular focus around trauma & PTSD conditions. I work with several emergency service organisations in this area. For those seeking help with PTSD or those with an interest in the subject, you might find this series of articles to be helpful.[link]

BACP Accredited Counsellor. Qualified EMDR therapist.

Approved by Police Firearms Officers Association (PFOA).