How to find your way around this site

The idea of this page is to help you find what you’re interested in after the site becomes a bit complicated. So rather than a lot of text, it will probably be a few short sentences and links to other pages or sections.

If you’re interested in blog items, you need to go to the blog page, where the posts are organised latest first. There’s also an archive for older stuff. Particular themes are held in categories and you can also find stuff through tags.

For longer or more permanent material, try the Articles page. The idea of this page is to keep important material visible so that it doesn’t get pushed off the top of the list by new things just because they’re new. These articles are also likely to b e slightly longer than blog posts.

Because my practice has different areas, I’ve made pages for each of the three areas: Counselling, Consulting, Mediation. Counselling is about one-to-one counselling and therapy for individuals. it also talks about issues people may face and some specific therapy techniques that are useful. These include: EMDR, Equine therapy, neurofeedback.

Consulting relates to my work with companies and organisations. This is where you’d find information and thoughts on organisational health, productive teams, executive coaching etc.

Mediation is a specific skill-set for resolving disputes whether those are between individuals or organisations. I’m qualified and registered with …..